MISSION MUSKAAN helps people willing to do VOLUNTEERING in Nepal

If you want to gift your time to orphans, to help them in their daily life & their homework, and broaden their mind…

If you are gifted in drama, painting, music and have some spare time to dedicate to children…

If you want to teach english in a school…
If you have any educational project or a development idea and you would like to get in touch with local people…

Don’t wait and contact us !

Our experience in volunteering, our knowledge of Nepal and Nepalese people can unite to your skills and ambitions to build together a project that matches both your will and the real need.

Give sense to your holiday !



Work in an orphanage

Sharing time with orphans in Nepal is an unforgettable experience. You will live their lives and open a window on the world for the children. Examples of tasks performed by volunteers.

Teach hygiene, help with cares.
Help to serve meals.
Play with children. Organize creative activities and sports. Teach music, singing, dancing.
Help with homework. Bring the kids to school and back.

Depending on your desires and skills, we will help you to  set up a project with the kids, wich will be the theme of your volunteering. Make greeting cards, create a show, a book, record songs …

When children are at school, you can also , help with administrative tasks, help for the preparation of meals. You can also enjoy the free time to visit the area and to sign up for activities: learning nepali, yoga …


Testimony of Maria, 52, a volunteer for the month of February 2013

 » My name is Maria. Iam portuguese. Iam 52 years old. I have two children who live with me. Ihave studied technique tourism. I like arts and I am dedicated to ceramics.

My experience here in the house is so enriched and i have a lot of gratitude to all them.I feel, everything i give them is little when compared to what i receve from them everyday.
People did not come my way intentionally. I happened to meet a Bijay Lama, the vice-president of Mission Muskaan in Chitwan, who told me about Fresh Nepal. So i went there for one week  and I am living with these children for one month.

Each and everyone of them are like one mark and one star that conduct my way.
I thank my God for all the blessings, for all the graces and for all the light that illuminate my life.

Maria  »



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