L'école pour les 18 enfants de Fresh Népal

School for the Fresh Nepal Orphanage’s 18 children

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin.

 In 2011, we bought material and clothes and we offered wonderful holidays to Fresh Nepal Children (Kathmandu).                                                    In 2012, we helped with the tuition fees, food, and clothing during the whole year.

After these two years of collaboration, we understood that the orphanage had to be supported on a more regular basis.

As for 2013, « Mission Muskaan » Association’s commitment is to assume tuition fees for the 18 children that are able to go to school.
They would all follow a private teaching because all the classes (except Nepalese language’s class) are given out in English, which would be a big asset for their future but also for the communication with volunteers coming up each year to help with the orphanage and share a bit of life with the children.

How much does it cost ?

To finance one year’s tuition fees for 18 children, we must collect around 3600 euros.
With 17 euros per month, you will pay for one child’s scholarship !

Detailed School Expenditures


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