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MISSION MUSKAAN is a voluntary association (according to French law “loi 1901”)

Muskaan means smile in nepalese.

The association aims at defending children rights in Nepal and throughout the world, as they are defined in the International Convention on the Rights of the Child from November 20th, 1989, and especially :
– Encouraging the access to education and to culture

– Promoting youth’s schooling

– Favouring the access to healthcare : medical care, hygiene, food and drinkable water supplying.

– Promoting sustainable development  in Nepal educating and making them aware of their responsibilities

This association is a non religious, non political, and non profit organization.

Our assets :

Maximum transparency : All the expenses are detailed and are available to the association’s members. Moreover, for each donation, the sponsor receives a reference number, for him to be able to check that the donation is listed on the association’s receipts.

We are close to the children that we support and have regular meeting with them.



The charters members

The president / Treasurer : Maelle Viollet, 30

Elementary School Teacher and Traveller. Aims : To meet, to share, and to exhange

Holi kids

Holi kids

« After two months struggling in the indian culture, I crossed the indo-nepalese border walking, in april 2010. The atmosphere completely seduced me. Indeed, from the very first instant, I felt that the deep values which drive me were alive here, in this country full of gentleness, solidarity, respect and of an unexpected wealth. I liked everything : The jungle, the rhinos, the tigers, the monkeys, and other animals from Chitwan National Park, I liked buddhism, aboriginal cultures from Teraï, small off-ground villages, the bustling Kathmandu, Newar temples in the valley, the breathtaking mountains of Pokhara….
In order to know the nepalese people a little better and in the hope to be helpful, I contacted the orphanage « Fresh Nepal » in Kathmandu. I stayed there one month ad a volunteer: I learned to know Dev et Dhana, the couple in charge of these 20 children, and I shared the daily life of this big family, helped the schoolchild for their homework, served the meals… and received a ton of love. Simultaneously, I met  Bijay Lama, a man from the nepalese jungle. With him I discovered the sense of notions like “generosity”, “love for your fellow men”. When I got back to France, my family and friends supported me a lot. I have truly been led and encouraged by my entourage to start collecting funds and continue helping Fresh Nepal. On one side, the needs, and on the other, the means and the will to help…The only thing I could do was to found an association and obviously to ask Mr Lama to be my partner. »


Vice-President and Secretary : Bijay Lama, 28

Naturalistic Guide and tourism agency manager. Universal donor. Aims : To live to the full and relieve his fellow man’s  pain

Mustard fields and co

« At 6 or 7, my mother died and I found myself alone. I escaped from my village and I became a child of the streets. I know how it feels to be abandoned and without any resource. Fortunately, my oldest sister supported me, gave me the means to build my life. Now I want to help the children because they are the future of our planet and will have to create a better world, with more respect and solidarity. »



An association cannot work without members. Thanks to all !

 Membres 2013
 Membres 2012 et 2011

Dev et Dhana – Fresh Nepal

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Dev and Dhana are living with Fresh Nepal’s 18 children in Katmandou and share their daily life with them. Together, they recreated a big family.

Since 2006, Dev is Fresh Nepal’s founder and president. At 32, he is responsible for the orphanage’s administration and to search for funds. With this association, his aim is to help poor and abandoned children to escape from the street misery. He does not receive any salary for his commitment.

DHANA, married to Dev, is the treasurer of FRESH NEPAL. At 29, she is also in charge of these 20 children : meals, care, clothes washing, etc… A hero doing a huge amount of work and 100% dedicated to the orphans. She does not receive any salary either for her commitment. IndiElle ne reçoit pas de salaire pour son engagement. As she is essential to the good functioning of the organization, she has never come back to her native town, 4 days away from Kathmandu in bus, since the creation of their NGO and has not seen her mother since 2006.

The House of Fresh Nepal

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