Katmandu' s Street, Picture by MV

Katmandu’ s Street, Picture by MV


Choose what you wish to offer to your children and let us know. Once our treasurer receives your donation, you will be able to check if the amount has been charged.

Type of purchasePriceTotal amount neededStill to be funded
Socks1.50 euros18 sets17 sets
One month's
tuition fees for a
middle school pupil
3.75 euros12 monthes x kids:
48 monthes
30 monthes
A schoolbag5 euros18 pieces17 pieces
School supplies6 euros18 sets17 sets
Leather shoes8 euros18 pairs17 pairs
Uniform11 euros2 pieces x 18 children
36 uniforms
34 uniforms
One month's
tuition fees for a
primary/nusery school
12.50 euros12 months x 14 children
168 months
100 monthes
Notebooks for the year17 euros
18 sets17 sets
School books22 euros18 sets12 sets
Semi-automatical washing mashing150 euros1 piece150 euros
Sustainable developpement project500 euros-500 euros

NB: If you choose to give trought Securised Paypal, please add 3.4 percent


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