Ilam, picture by Maelle Viollet

Ilam, picture by Bijay Lama

Nepal is a small country, only 800 km long and 200 km wide, enclosed between India and Tibet, China.

We observe big variety of alitudes : Teraï is only 60m high whereas the Everest is 8848m high ; This leads to a great diversity in the climates but also unique fauna and flora. At least 1 240 species of mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibia.

Almost 3% of these species are endemic : you can’t find them anywhere else. More than 850 bird species, more than 500 butterfly species, 600 indigenous plant families and 320 exotic orchids bear the fauna & flora variety  in Nepal.

The Himalaya Mountains

14 of the highest peaks, above 8000m, are in the Himalaya.

The main attractions are the Everest, the Annapurna and Pokhara city.  Each year, thousands of trekkers stride along breathtaking landscapes lining these peaks.

Climate : Cold and dry, alpine type. Above 5 500m, the zone is caracterized by the arctic climate.

Fauna : Yak, antelope, snow leopard, bear, himalayan goat, red panda, himalayan wolf, fox, Golden eagle, vulture …

Flora : Conifers (firtree, pine, cedar, yew) oaktrees, rhododendrons, bamboos, wild flowers able to support extreme temperature conditions. Many medicinal plants.

Adventure : Trekking, Paragliding.


Kathmandu Valley

On top of the crests or in the heart of the valleys,  many towns and villages attract many visitors becaue of their wonderful views on the Himalaya, the terraced cultures on the hills slopes and Newar culture of Kathmandu. Kathmandu, Bahktapur and Patan are the main attractions.

Climate : Temperate

Adventure : Rafting, bungee jumping  and extreme sports are easily accessible.

Culture : Newar temples, Budhnat, Cremation ghats, sacred mountain of Swayanbunath, museum.



Teraï Plains

Chitwan National Park and Lumbini, main attractions.

Climate : Subtropical hot and humid

Fauna : Deer, wild boar, asian elephant, macaque and langur monkeys, leopard, Royal Bengal tiger, One HornedRrhinoceros, wild buffalo, Marsh Mugger and gharial crocodiles, pythons, herons, aigrettes, storks, peacocks, eagles, pheasants, cuckoos, wild ducks…

Flora : Savannas, rain forests of acacia and sal.

Adventure :  Elephant back safari, jeep safari or hiking in the jungle, canoe on the crocodiles river. Night in the jungle and bath with the elephnats.

Culture : Lumbini park, Buddha’s birthplace and buddhist temples from all countries. Meditation sessions.


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