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Chitwan's villagers

Chitwan’s villagers

Bulletin d’adhésion 2013

Members of the association 2013


1- To become a Member, you have to be up to date with the annual subscription of 34 euros (adult) and 17 euros (below 18). This participation is a way to express your desire to be informed regularly about the association’s activities and it shows you encourage it in its action.

2- It is also possible to become an Active member if you want to get more involved in the association’s life with the annual subscription of 50 euros. It is then possible to be directly in charge with some actions undertaken by the association : jumble sales, handicraft sale, volunteering in Nepal… Active members are called each year for the Board meeting and are invited to vote and discuss the agenda questions : approval or disapproval of the management during the year, voting for the upcoming year’s budget, elaboration of the orientation report on how should the managers behave during the upcoming year.

3- The Board of Directors can also elect us as a Benefactor member. Benefactor members are those who bring a mareial help, an expertise, or a financial participation notified by the Board of directors. Subscription is free. These members can take part in the Board meeting.

4- And last, the Board of Directors can name someone as Honorary Member. It is an honorary distinction to acknowledge the person for the precious help provided to the association.



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