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The costs undertaken by an orphanage are high and funds are hard to find. This year, Mission Muskaan invested almost all the donations in helping Fresh Nepal Orphanage (Kathmandu) and Marina House of Hope (Chitwan) paying the bills : rent, water, electricity, food, tuition fees, clothes…

Both orphanages’s children received many clothes, underwears, soft toys, and other toys, that had been collected abroad by the charter members and brought to Nepal in their private trips.

One year after Fresh Nepal’s orphans, Marina House of Hope’s children also got the chance to live an exotic day in the Nepalese jungle : Canoe, bath with the elephants, farming center, horse-drawn carriage and picnic.

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At the end of this first year, our Nepalese friends Dev & Dhana Tamata, John & Marina Gurung and the 27 children you helped want to give you a warm “thank you”.

ACTION nº1 : Fresh Nepal Orphanage (Kathmandu), 20 children.

– Paid bills : We refunded the food bills, helped for tuition fees, entirely paid for phone & internet bills and phone lines got switched back on.

– Purchase : Clothes and underwears for all, 2 stocks of 1000 l of water, food, a washing machine.

– 3 days and 4 unforgettable nights : Mission Muskaan offered to Fresh Nepal’s Orphans their very first holidays.

Kathmandu is polluted, blocked by the traffic, loud and dusty. To take a breathe of fresh air and broaden the minds of our orphans, we brought the 23 members of Fresh Nepal in a minibus towards…the jungle! Visit of traditional villages, guided hiking in the forest, visit of domestic elephants’ reproduction center, bath on the back of the pachyderm, canoeing on the crocodiles river, jeep safari, bike tours, baths and picnic !! Our little darlings were fully satisfied !

Thanks to the generous collaboration from the local people and to the precious help given by our secretary Bijay Lama who gave himself to tough negociations, sponsors offered an unforgettable memory to Fresh Nepal for less than 400euros : 3 amazing days & 4 nights !


ACTION nº2: Marina House of Hope

Appealed by a Nepalese clergyman and his woman, Mission Muskaan listened carefully John & Marina Gurung’s orphanage plan. Respected by the community, they own a house and would like to receive and shelter some needy children.
After long interviews, we decided to help their project to start up and we also did some purchases for the children.

4 mattresses, 4 duvets & duvet covers, 4 sheets, 4 pillows & pillow covers, 4 mosquito nets, 6 sport trousers, 6 t-shirts, 6 schoolbags, school supplies, a big quantity of food (rice bags, potato bags, spices, condiments…), bath products (soap, toothpaste, washing powder) and some cash.

This way, the orphanage received 7 children.

During the year, 2 donations were given to sustain their action.


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